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stale bread, yeah is hot!

this always happens. Sleep is never my thing, i don't think it will ever become my big thing.
Writing in this livejournal has never been my thing, either. Well, it once was, but now it's a big bloody mess of sad old entries about how i used to be cool.

Going on a road trip tomorrow. It's to be major! going to Brisbane. Matt's Bruz called today saying he and haley were having a car and jetsetting off to bris, did we want to come. Our resounding response was, why not!?
It's not like i do anything around here anyhow. That being sad, i've been Mr. Anxiety ever since committing to this but at the same time this new found spontaneity will somehow prove to be a powerful tool in the future.

perhaps this is why i cannot sleep.

To pass the time of not sleeping i am undertaking a gruelling task. I'm going through my itunes.. and well, so i downloaded ALL of tori amos' Legs and Boots albums.. and they're the live show bootlegs.. and there are 27 albums.. or is it 17. or is it less. i can't remember. anyhow, the number 7 comes to mind.. and so does 27 but i don't think there are that many. Anyhow, so obviously it's going to happen that i have double ups.. and so i'm trying to narrow down to ONE version of each song. Very brain draining yet very addictive. esp annoying when there are 12 versions of the one song and especially when it's a song i don't particularly feel special about.

In other news, i'm currently pink as pink can be. Went to the beach today with mattsy and yeh lied in the sun for like a million hours. Hilarious, it was the nudist beach. So many mini debacles. My favourite event of the day was a naked man who was strangely overweight in this tumour esque way.. and he went for a little dip.. and we thought he had falling over in the water... but when he got up he was holding a fish in his hand. so somehow he pounced at this fish and caught it with his bare hands. His bare, naked hands! so comical.
i was generally so amused by the amount of naked brown old people there were. there was some sort of gay side and some straight side but i think they sometimes chopped and changed but mostly those groups. the gay side was a half beat/half beach. I have to say, at first i felt a little objectified but i soon moved it out of my mind and enjoyed myself. for the record, i was not a nudist. i have no desire to have tanned genitals. not just yet at least.

what other shit has been going down in my life, you ask. to be honest, i don't know what foot we left off on and really here and now is what matters so i won't dwell on what has happened and hope for the best that my brain doesn't wonder into Alzheimer's land and i am left without that chunk of months documented.

Oh geez, i just suddenly lost my jazz for typing. again, i may have to bail.
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