Cake Boy (gasolinebreath) wrote,
Cake Boy


I should never drink tea (or caffeine altogether) again! it's hell. even a meaningless cup of teas sends me over the deep end. I'm so jittery and wild. i can't handle it.

Today has disappointed me. It was not the sunny beast i had hoped for. I wanted to eb amazing and sit out in the sun and write letters and shit but it's one cloudy sadness with tempting parcels of tiny sun.

So, we have chickens now. Wild i know. its been about 24 hours and bromley hasn't killed them yet. but perhaps rival birds or rats will. these rival birds i speak of are hell. I mean they're nice to look at but it's just not a good idea to have me and large scary birds in a similar vicinity. i live in fear everytime i go outside. well, once they were fighting and they swooped so close to my face. i have never been the same since.

So, last night i had the mini dinner party at jon and kris' house. it was joy to the max. and against everyone's advice i bike rode home. with a mini train ride in between. When the i got off the train and was riding home i stopped thinking about what i was doing and started thinking about the gears on the bike and when this happens (the thinking about other things but riding) something accident will always prevail. so i smashed into this car. it was parked and had no one in it but i think i broke off their side view mirror. oops. i then found one of those cross trainers and i carried it home. it was so hell. wheeling my bike and carrying this beast of a machine and crossing a main road in Ashfield. not good. but i got here. and it was joyful.

Anyhow, the world's most borin' thing. i should go.
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