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was just looking over my journal and the last thing i've posted was about the whole Michael Jackson death thing. what a long time ago. I didn't want that to linger.
*reflects on the media for a second*

OK, so after basically a million years of applying for jobs i got my very first call back! wtf! after 3 months of applying!? ok, so the story is it's for this boring call centre and shit but it has the good hours and the good rates and if i only have to spend 5 hours there a day.. like.. i have 19 more to myself. building strength. I have sent out a plea to the universe, to the angels to any sort of other worldy and helpful forces to give me strength to do this. I will have to draw from and channel so many beings to work this job. But, it will happen when i don't need them all the time. Actually, what am i saying? i haven't even gotten this job yet right? but i'm pretty sure that since i've secured a face to face interview i can pretty much rule and get the job. Seriously, the only times i fuck up is over the phone. stupid phone. people always catching me at bad hours. lame.

what else is new? or old as the case may be. So, i live in the Ashfield house. Where i wanted to live for so long and now that i'm there i realised it's not all it's cracked up to be. Actually no, that can be taken the wrong way. I knew i wasn't 100% into it when i found out i was able to move in but i take what i can get. This is the ideal house for me at this very moment of being on the old cenno and shit. $80 a week rent is basically my fave thing. the bottom line is that ashfield sucks and it's name should be permanently changed to assfield. nah, it has it's perks but seriously i'm not going to go into them. it would benefit no one for me to praise a place which i was neutral about. what sense does this make?

so, i made a new friend too. this is fun! the thing that was most exciting for me was that he was one of the gays who weren't 100% wanting to have the pants party. i don't approve of the instant pants party or even any pants party at all. so i have 100% relief. and it has been what i have been wanting for a little bit. a friend or a group or something separate from what i have now. Someone similar to me with similar interests but totally not into the hippy/doof scene. and it's not like i don't appreciate that but sometimes i need the little bit of the breaks. it becomes taxing when i have to enter that zone every second of the day. well, not every second, i exaggerate but yes. I think i just need people around to affirm me of myself. and it's not like i don't already have friends that aren't into these things but i wanted more. more freshness. Fragrant and Fresh.

my userpic is so old. i was just looking at it. so very old. i really don't invest any time into this livejournal business anymore. i keep hitting up the old facebook cause i can deliver short and punch accounts on my life through a status updates. which brings me joy.

oh, it's kinda dark. i was going to bicycle to chippendale/redfern but i feel this dark may be the end of me. p.s. i am 100% into the healthy life these days as well. I'm hell bent on the exercising and shit. I'm gonna buy a one month membership thingy to the pools on thursday and see how that works out. Considering i am not the world's best swimmer it may be quite a challenge to be swimming laps. but i loves the water. but then public pools are so heavily chlorinated i might die. *invests in googles*. So, i'm going to have a housewarming party at some stage too. it will be brills. it's a big under the sea theme. i must visit this realm through a themed party at some stage in my life. i am 100% into the sea and i'm pretty much convinced i am a mermaid. perhaps a merman, if they exist. nah, i'm too glamourous to be a merman. so plain. mermaid = the bomb. esp the beastly ones.

so i might GTFO
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