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What a World! (i'm melting)
I don't want to start my entry off with something about Michael but it's the only thing i can think of that happened recently in my life. ha! It was a strange thing to find out but at the same time it didn't come as a surprise to the practically thinking mind. Although, i had a weird feeling the night before which prompted me to tell matt that i felt like i was going to die in my sleep. The presence of death was so prominent around me before i went to sleep. It very well could have been around the same time as his downfall. I woke up at 8.30 to a phonecall from emsie informing me of the unfortunate news.
I felt weird all of yesterday but then i got past in a way that always seems to work for me; getting drunk and talking about it (perhaps a bit too much)
The thing about death though that i really am not into is the euphemisms people use. Like someone being gone and things that really display that people think death is the end. I think it's a very Christian thing and we do live in a very christian dominated society so it makes sense. When i think about it, he hasn't made any music for like the last maybe 9 years and so there's no sense in saying what's going to happen to music? he is a legend and legends don't get forgotten. What everyone loves him for is the music that he released in the 80s and 90s and has always existed. It existed as amazing music the day before he died, a week before and it will continue to exist until forever. I think i get a bit high and mighty a little bit when a death happens. People either talk about the person/death with either a harsh way which makes it look like they don't really care, they're just saying it because that's what they are expected to say/feel and some people get the hysteria where they think they need to justify to the world how great someone was. I think the bottom line is i should have avoided facebook completely yesterday. So many hellish status updates making me sick. The problem here though is me. not anyone else. that's the way it goes. It's not anyone else's wrong doing but my own. i'm gonna bail!
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