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So, What's New on the old livejournal world?

Today i head off for Brisbane... Very much fun. I don't particularly like the place but it's an adventure and when you have some friends that live their it's muchly amazing to see them because you don't often come across people as special as that. So yeh, the Punky Beudster is paying for matt and i to go up their because she is a beast of a million charities. Just for the fun of it, I invited Emma as well. She is paying herself but still. I'm so thrilled she is coming too. Everytime i've been up there i've thought to myself that it would be so much more joy if she was there too. Especially since everytime i've gone up there i've gotten some sort of horrible depression. Not horrible, temporary and fleeting but unpleasant nonetheless.

I did the most ridiculous thing this morning. I woke up after dreaming about delicious Orange Slushie.. like a Sunkist made into slushie.. and i had to settle for crappy water. This always happens to me. Especially on hangover days. I dream about the most amazing and satisfying bevvies and then i wake up and all i have is water. What a downer. Damn wine and it's delicious qualities but occasional day-after consequences and inconveniences.

*hates it*

*loves it*

So, more about my travels right? When i get back from ye olde brisbane i sit around stagnant for ten days and then i head down to the ever so cosmopolitan Melbourne. Again, i recruited Emma to come down with me. It was $29 (!!!!!!) down. what a joy. I am actually just a leech again. Jess was going down and i decided to just tag along. I have to find some hellish accommodation in the form of backpackers/youth hostels... i wish i had a friend/friends in melbourne who could accommodate for me and my complex existence.. BOO!
anyone know where i can squat? haha. nah, no squatting.. too cold.

My tiny feet are so cold. This should not be a waking hour. No, 530? what a foolish person i am.

I'm sure most people have seen this but i just want to delve into it's greatness. I'm sure most peeps have seen the Beyonce on The Morning Show video where she's all like 'i literally can't sing' with the whole.. someone altering all the singing so she sounds like the world's biggest fruitcake. So Amazing. I think it's actually the best thing to hit the Southern Hemisphere... OK, so someone just tells me it's not fake...? Am i watching the wrong thing? because literally it's so fake. so freaken fake. No one in their right mind would sing with the vocal quality etc that she does. I'm scared to find the video in case it gets taken down. I've noticed how it keeps miraculously disappearing off the internet.

Ok, it literally is the world's biggest prank. I just went out of my way to prove it. Not really to myself but for the backing up i am right.

I'm so crazy for The Simple Life now.. Well, for a while.. I'm developing some sort of Paris addiction. ha!
We watched the show Paris Hilton's My British Best Friend. same concept as the BFF how but a British one. Well, pretty obvious isn't it?

but yes, i spent a portion of my K-Rudd bonus on acquiring The third and forth season. delicious.

I think i've exhausted the whole posting thing. I will hopefully do more soon.

delicious nings.
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