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So, i think i have become unnaturally obsessed with drag queens. Mhmm. So many movies and stuff in the last 2 or 3 days that make me just want to.. make clothes.
Which i guess is a good thing because i'm starting some course thing very soon which will tell me how to.

Yesterday matt and i went on a 11km walk. It took like 3 hours. Marrickville and back. how fun. I freaken hate marrickville i have decided. Not even hatred but the fact that it incredibly depresses me when i go there. It's a wasteland.

The day before it was Rozelle and back. that was around 6km. Today i think the plan is Balmain. Go and sit at the wharf for a bit.

I have found a coping mechanism. A mantra, if you will. Now, these things i usually think of i have already discovered before but sometimes it takes me a while for the affect of the words or concept to sink in. Last night i was getting so aggravated by so many things to do with people. So bitter towards them. So judgmental. I just pick apart at people's personalities and just mentally rip them to shreds. I have comforted myself with telling myself that everyone has to survive and everyone is doing there thing to live a life they think is right for them. So, it sounds really simple and dumb but somehow it's had this profound effect on me and now i don't feel so aggressive towards people as of last night.

I wonder how long it will last.
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