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My Gosh, I swear, moving out of a house never goes smoothly. Always drama! always excessive amounts of money owing. That's it! i Swear i resolved to do this last time but i am for reals going to be the Matron of the house and be a vigilante with all the rent things so there's not an amazing drama at the end where people probably end up paying more than they should.

Anyhow, the thing i hate the most, The Dramatics, is occurring so frequently these days. I have to just stand away and view it and not get involved. HELL!
The reason i am in such a hellish situation at the moment is because there was this whole thing where i was going to move into this house with amazingly cheap rent $80 a week! in Ashfield. very very good. I think for 2 months i (and a couple of others) had this idea where we were all going to move in and it would be the most amazing house of epic proportions and cheerfulness would be had. We're all fantasising every day about the excellence that will occur i our lives and then all of a sudden we have to move out of Croydon and Laura and Geoff move to Ashfield and I am thinking that The Toners and I would be there pretty soon after. Everyone from that house is moving out. But, as it all works out everyone that is there decides to stay. Thus, we have no house with delicious cheap rent.
We're back on the house hunting page.

many, many stresses. Although as i type this the stress has actually become productive. I am already working towards fixing everything and everything feels like it has a resolution. I just wanted to record this certain time. The ultimate solution for me is that there's only a week. just a week left. and this stress is over and lifted from my shoulders completely. When i hand those keys in next monday i will drink a thousand drinks to celebrate.

what a boring thing to say
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