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Aloha from Spain!

Note: i'm not actually in Spain.

Tomorrow matt's family go to New Zealand that means that the house is 50% mine. Which freaks me out a little bit. I will feel so out of my depth. I don't think i will even properly relax without anyone here. Infact, it may feel even more disorderly in my head. Anyhow, to compensate for matt not being here i am actually giving myself so many social endeavours. The next three days are hectic. I have had to use the nifty iCalendar on this computer to sort out my days so that i don't accidentally tell someone i can do something with them.. it's what i tend to do because i don't see people so often and they ask me to do something i'll just say yes without thinking about it because i want to see them so much. Oops.

I'm so incredibly tired but sleep is such a task to me. The process of trying to go to sleep is soo freaken hard!
I have to think about sleep so hard that i end up thinking too much and can't sleep. damn vicious cycles.

at least it's still before midnight.

Tomorrow, i am going to Kelly's for trivia with Poppy, Emma and i'm not sure who else is coming along but it will sure be great. I just have to avoid drinking to excessively strange stages this time and doing hilarious karaoke after the trivia and yeh. Well, last time i just .. i don't think i could actually sing so i sang badly on purpose. I was fearful no-one would get my joke. My friends did. I wonder what the patrons thought though. GULLLLL! But yes, should be fun.

I went to Newtown today.. I was absolutely shocked because (as i had previously discovered) the shop Holey Moley had closed and i was there a couple of days ago and matt said to me "i hope they don't paint over the artworks here" because they had some really good paintings on the outside of that shop. and when we went there today it had been painted over.. and not only had it been painted over, it had been painted over very very badly. with this hideous WHITE paint.. the wall was like this yellowish colour! why not just do it properly. what idiots. I was having the discussion as well that Newtown has really lost it's "alternative" thing that it used to have. Most of the alternative shops have kind of gone bung. All that's left really is the hairdressers and like some shops on enmore road. It's balls. It's really becoming this big trend fest. And all the delicious foods that i used to revel in have gone. or at least, gotten really popular and thus expensive and stingy. LAME!

I went to Centrelink today, it was so depressing. I had the world's worst "customer service agent" he was actually the a giant douche cunt. so unhelpful and matter of fact and uncompassionate. I was rude to him though. I demeaned his job which i think got him defensive and therefore more unhelpful which resulted in me being sarcastic and rude. But in the end, i got my most favourite worker at the centrelink and i was extremely grateful that it al worked out. A girl was hysterically crying though. That was the depressing part. It was hell! it's all just so protocol that no one will really help. Nothing can be done to help people. No one wants to help. It sucks. The good thing is, because i am sick, i don't have to go in every fortnight and hand to forms so i can get paid. I just get paid automatically. It's awesome. Woo @ me.

I spent like $20 at the supermarket today. All i actually bought was bevvys and beverage additions. I bought no real solid food. Liquid Diet anyone?

Anyhow, i might do this fun thing where I was tagged by martinemonster to do this little thingy.

Comment and, if you so desire, I will list 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

1. Sydney
2. Faggotry
3. Paris Hilton's new bff
4. Regina Spektor
5. Harry Potter

I can't guarantee how amazing my answers are going to be. I'm not so good on explaining things.

1. Sydney
So, i haven't really lived in Sydney all that long. I moved down to Newtown in like middle of 2006. I've been in this marvellous city ever since. I must admit, no matter how much people say it feels detached and dirty and all these negatives, i love it. I find Sydney so enjoyable. Seriously, if you want to see isolation just go a little further out west, or south, or north.. or even just go to another state. It's hell. I really only discovered this love i have for the city i live in when i went to Brisbane somewhere mid last year. Like, really truly. It's funny it takes to going to some other place to appreciate where you are. Looking at all the things Sydney has to offer and then comparing them to Brisbane. Ok, i'm sorry to anyone that swears by that abomination in the North but it's an eyesore. It's disgusting and filled with hideous southern cross tattooed, aussie pride, brain dead bogans. It's basically Cronulla but EVERYWHERE!
Don't get me wrong, i'm not saying Sydney is the place to be, It's pretty shit. the people aren't much of an improvement. When i think of all the little sections with their stereotype people and everything it's quite overwhelming and hard not to want to peel your face off painfully and slowly. I think the actually city part of it is beautiful. All the ferries and the ugly, ugly monuments, i love them.

Weird, I am going through a weird stage at the moment. I cannot connect with this whole gay thing. It's horrible. I have made all these weird friends that are young gay boys.. and i realise, i hate them. Without really knowing them or meeting them. I hate them more than i've hated anything in my life. and in turn, i become a generalist who thinks all gay boys are shit.. Actually, all my life i have hated this label thing and gay and weird. It is really like when you come out as gay it is a lifestyle. I detest that people don't live as people... I feel like it reflects badly on me because, even though i don't really identify as anything, because i have a boyfriend people make the assumption that i am gay so i let them go along with it, and i feel like this reflects badly on me because people generalise and think "all gays are the same" there are a lot of stigmas and stereotypes and none of them fit to me. People ask me questions because they think i am a "gay man" and thus will have interests that all gay men have. Someone once asked me about anal sex and i was sort of offended and off put because for one no-one can make this assumption that i've actually done that or not. Fuck, i am going off topic to what i initially intended to say.
In terms of Faggotry, what i take that to mean .. I love camp, i love anything kitsch, i like all the things perhaps a 90s gay boy would love. I guess this is faggotry? I'm not entirely sure. I see the word faggot as some sort of reclaimed word and so whatever, i can make it mean whatever the fuck i want it to be. faggotry is being a faggot without necessarily being a homosexual. Faggotry is the lifestyle or something. I think i may be contradicting myself so i might move on...

3. Paris Hilton's My New BFF
I've already touched on this briefly in another post. Basically, i love reality tv shows and i think there is perception on reality shows that if you watch them you'll actually lose your integrity? I think this is actually true. I can see through so many people who are like, "I hate reality shows". I bet they are secretly home taking tallies on who goes on survivor. I watch reality shows, infact, i revel in them. This not make me any less intelligent. So, onto the juice... Paris. Another hot topic! From the beginning i have never really believed all this hype about her being a skank or some shit like that. The thing is, she did stuff that everyone does but she is famous and just happened to get busted. Onto the show, This show is amazingly hilarious! started off with 18 hopefuls wanted to be Paris's BFF. There is so much present time awareness (i can't think of a better word for it). Every contestant gets blackberry, for example, and Paris regularly sends them text messages informing them of upcoming challenges and what not. It has also brought to the forefront a delicious new take on a popular netspeak acronym. TTYN which stands for talk to you never! which she says to every eliminated contestant! so fucking hilarious! I don't think you can watch it and not say Paris Hilton has a sense of humour and is actually quite intelligent. I love it. So good. *punches the sky in amused excitement*

4.Regina Spektor
Goodness, if only i could be one of those cunts who are like I LOVED REGINA BEFORE SHE WAS MAINSTREAM! but alas, no but yes. When i first moved in with Zoe she was wild for Regina Spektor (*actually plays regina right now for inspiration*) and kept going on about her and she made me a Cd and i never really got around to listening to it. So anyhow, i get the job at the porno shop and i listened to radio then because i had nothing better to do. And as i listen i hear this really good song that's really sweet and cute and "breaks my har-ar-ar-ar-art" ish and i'm like OH, I LOVE THIS! and then they're all like "that was regina spektor" and so then i get all like "omg! i can't believe i didn't get into this earlier" so then i'm buying all the cds (and by 'buy' i mean downloading/copying from zoe's computer) and i became OBSESSED! i got so many regina songs now that correspond to like the soundtrack of the end of 2006- sometime in 2007. I think in 2008 i went and saw her when she came to australia.. and when she played samson as an encore i was crying and crying and crying.. and then it ended and i was still crying.. and i was walking home and i was crying.. and then i was ok.. and then i kept crying.. luckily she was playing at the Enmore Theatre which was then 10 minute walk home.. which meant not much public crying. I find her so ingenius, her ability to actually be singing about something so meaningful and hit the nail on the head so well and be singing about something like Pickles or make it sound really unserious and fun with unusual vocal techniques and her sweet voice and all shit like that.

5.Harry Potter
I'm sure exactly what i can say about Harry Potter. I was fairly stand-off ish about harry potter at first. When it first came out i think i was in year 7 and i was blind to it's existence. It was this vague thing i heard a couple of kids talk about. I moved in with my aunt when i was at the end of my year 7. and my cousin was really into the harry potter and i read the book.. and i liked it but i was like.. ehhhh... yeh cool. I think i continued to read the 2nd and the 3rd one.. but then mmm.. still nothing. It was probably around year 10 that i started to actually get into it. It was hard though, cause none of my friends at the time were really into harry potter so i had no one really to obsess over it with. When we left school though Emma finally decided to read it and she was hooked after years of saying she thought it was shit.. and yeh it goes from there.. Obsessions continued to grow as the actors in the movies began to age and become more and more attractive which added to delicious visuals when reading the fanfics. When the last book came out i was an addict basically and with Marnie being around she really helped with keeping the obsession in the forefront of my mind. After the reading of the last book Marnie, Phoebe and I decided we should have a D.A. meeting at a party and let off some steam about the book and be all like I CANT BELIEVE THIS HAPPENED! it had some hilarious results.. considering we decided to have this meeting when we were... quite stimulated.. at a party. We were probably in that room for like 2 hours.. and i think everyone else was like "WHERE ARE THEY!?". pretty amusing. I guess the only way it can live on in a newness way for the movies to come out and for me to watch them and get emotional about the memories in the books. I keep planning to re-read from 1st to last and set myself a challenge of how quick i can do it. I reckon i could do it in a week. basically a book a day. perhaps a fortnight. I think i might have to document it when i actually do it..
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