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I gave our 3 weeks notice today. It was pretty swish. I faxed it through and everything, feeling all professional. This means that by the 23rd i won't have to worry anymore about any of this rent debt shit. Woo Fucking Hoo! I just have to try and get someone to move into my room for the last two weeks. The german backpacker couple are moving out on Saturday to go to Bigger and Better things. aka Melbourne and then China. Although, sucks to be them, missing out on Mardi Gras. They were a bit disappointed and told us that some parade they have is at 10am and it means you can party all day.. I'm sort of more into this idea. But i guess everyone looks good under the moonlight although only the blessed look good in the daylight. sad but true.

Everyone keep your eyes out please? for anyone that would want my room for 2 weeks. If you run into any sticky sitches.. or anything...?

i can't believe i am actually still awake today. I woke up so early this morning (well, not early just that i didn't have adequate sleep). and i felt so unmotivated for a large part of the day and then when i finally got motivated to go out and do things i find out about all these dramas which bug me. srsly, i make a fairly conscious effort to avoid drama because i find it so incredibly unnecessary and weighing on a person yet it is still a personal fave of like literally every person to seek out these dramas, turn them into something bigger than it actually should be and make themselves miserable or stuck because of it. I am so not into this.

This arvo ended up being nice. We went to Hyde Park to hang out. it was nice. I bought Sangria and i had never tasted this stuff before. It reminded me of the punch we made for the Croydance party last year. Man, i miss parties. Just the concept creation and the setting up the house and the heart and soul i put into my character and theme and shit like that. I should have one again. Perhaps before we move out??? A big going away party. But to be honest, I don't feel incredibly attached to Croydon. I don't have much an emotional connection with it. it seemed to be a lot more of annoyance than good times.

I might end my observating here now. I have this hideous insomnia/glandualr fever so i can't sleep at night and then i get to sleep and i want to sleep all day. This is not a good habit, no not at all. it sucks so many rabbits.
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