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i wrote something today.

Scurry, little seagulls scurrying.
sand and little crabs between their webbed feet.
Scurry for tonight's dinner. Quite a catch.
Little bloody feathers glued copper to my face.
My face that was once a face, but is no longer.
Just a case.
It hasn't changed. I was always a case.
Hungry little eyes and beaks tear apart the remains.
One says to another "there's still a juicy eye"
A twitch and i they are speaking to me.
Inquisitive and stupid, they ask me questions.
How did you end up here? Once a goddess of the sea now you've returned to the seagulls.
what's your goal?

My little soul churning inside my casket. The little birds eating me free.
Friends, i say, let me tell you how i got here.
Stupid gulls, no goals.
Beautiful gulls, you give me something. i give you nothing but flesh.
Fleshy nothingness.
Eat while i tell you a story:

I was never the poet, always living the narrative. The damsel, the victim.
Always aware, i know what this is.
aware and weary.

Stuck on a bus and nobody to tell what was going on. Things left better unsaid have gotten the best of me. I was stuck in a compass, spinning at every direction possible. I couldn't stop because i didn't know how. A compass has not much luck to live a delicious life. The story becomes yours after this full stop.

passing on, no time for past stories, trapped in a box, i was.
I woke up one night and you were my nightmare.
I needed to get away. You never told me what it was i wanted to hear.

Running on almost tripping over. If i fall there is a splatter of of dirty rubies.
My disastrous red carpet.
No More Glamour, you want glamour? Go looking through a garbage bin.
it's not obtained. It's made.

coughing, heaving, wailing, sweating

i can go on no longer. May you drag me back to the sea? Share a meaty prize with marine buddies.

it doesn't go any longer.

It begins again...

groundhog day.
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