Cake Boy (gasolinebreath) wrote,
Cake Boy

Clipped Wings

I just watched Otto; or, up with dead people.

It was quite nice. I enjoyed it. I think i am really into Bruce LaBruce.

I'm a little bit stuck wth the thinking fo what to write. We had our Xmessy party on Saturday. It was so largeness of realisations or something. It was quite fun.
So Bland. So little to say. So much to say but no energy to communicate when given the chance. This is basically how i've become DeadJournal. The only time i feel like writing stuff is when i am ar work or walking. Both of which times i have no access to internet or bloggings.

One day soon i might take 3 hours out of my life to document the last month or so in every detail and thought ever known to mankind.

The family is back up and stronger than ever. Some calling out for help has made some stronger bonds. Yes. Every YES!
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