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itty bitty

a couple of boring/amazing things that have been at the forefront of everything.

I got extremely hellishly flu-ish on Sunday. resulting in a vicious irony where i have been not going to work on an exaggerated illness and now that i am actually genuinely sick i don't have anymore paid sick days and also my being sick isn't taken seriously cause they think i'm a filthy bludger.

As a result of being sick i almost passed out on the train today. then again at Central station while waiting for food (which i concluded, on the train, that they fact i hadn't eaten for 48 hours or so could have contributed to the dizzy and the faintness) then one more time at work where i just put my head down on my desk. My Team Leader then acknowledged that i was probably genuinely ill and offered for me to go, which i declined initially but went home at 4.

more news, a crow lies outside my house, dead. It's rather epic. It was face down in the dirt but since i'm not too huge a fan on birds when they're alive the idea of going to much near it's stupid, rotting corpse kind of unnerves me. I just keep thinking that it's actually alive and pretending to be dead and if i walk past it will be all like "BAHHHH" and fly at my face. I love my face. i don't want it to be ruined. especially by some shitty ass bird.

I've developed somewhat of an ebay addiction. i think i'm paying for the addiction because a dvd player i ordered is yet to arrive. apparently it was sent on the 8th August although the people said it was sent via "Aust-post"... is that some sort of sneak australia post? why the need for the ""s? belloni

One other thing that captured my amusement greatly is that the Mayor of our local area's last name is FAKER. ok, so initially i thought it was a real estate sign out the front of someone's house which seemed hideously fitting though still bad. But it lead to me question many things, Why on earth, if you were in parliament, would you have a last name like FAKER? and also, why, if you were in any occupation where you were being the face of people and where you were respected and expected to do the right thing by everyone, would you have the surname Faker?? Would you just not change it?

Ok, it's now 9.05pm which means its wind down time. I'm determined to beat this bastard disease by the weekend. wish my luck with the cure
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