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i was about to start this post by saying 'i feel really bizarre' which i soon realised was a lie. i felt bizarre at work today. my body decided that it was going to inflict that uncommon feeling of 'sickness' on me. I think i ate too much hommous. it was really difficult to exist. i was sitting for like an hour wondering whether i should ask to go home.

It sooned passed. putting it in retrospect today was the worst day at work. this guy i spoke to right at the beginning of the morning was a cunt to me cause i told him his ad didn't make gramatic sense. well, i wasnt an asshole about it.
Me: um.. ergg.. ok..
Him: what's wrong
Me: Just looking through your ad i'm not sure if there's supposed to be a full stop or soemthing here *quotes line that i am unsure about*
Him: well, it's technical terms for people that are laser techinicians will understand
Me: it just doesn't make grammatical sense. im just trying to understand what it's saying
Him: Well, it doesnt have to make sense to you!

*almost hangs up phone but opts for the option of staying on the phone and remaining bitter*

anyhow then i got sick and that was crap. i slugged it out and felt a bit better. Now, i'm a bit drunk and typing and eating delicious thai style curry.

oh, man i don't wanna progress with this entry. brb
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